Saturday, 18 December 2010


Total cars in the workshop today.

1957 MG Magnette ZB completed and awaiting collection by new owner.

1966 Mercedes Benz 250S now fully refurbished.

1966 Daimler V8 250 in top coat of paint and 'resting', prior to fitting up.

1990 Daimler Sovereign XJ6 body refurbishment nearly completed and soon to be prepared for repainting.

1959 Bedford CA camper in for rectification of MOT failure items.

1972 Bay window camper van for MOT repairs, light welding, engine replacement and front axle beam replacement.

1976 Brazillian split screen camper for refurbishment and respray.

1978 Karmann cabriolet Beetle for mechanical repairs and correction of numerous faults.

1992 Land Rover Defender 90 for replacement of complete rear cross member.

2009 BMW 520D in for repairs to scrapes on side skirt and rear bumper.

1973 Bay window camper van in for full body restoration and complete respray.


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