Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sterling Automotive blog

Having been restoring classic cars at Sterling Garage on and off since the early 1980's I'd moved on to other pastures and had been running a pretty successful car transport business (although I never really moved away, I just rented the top floor of our building). That was until some hot young gun in an obscure department in an insurance company decided that money could be saved by issuing us with a list of impossible demands one week before renewal date!

I spent a while working self employed, buying and selling cars and scratching out a living (still at Sterling Garage of course) and then I thought to myself.... What am I achieving here.... Nothing!

So, exactly a year ago, I re-established my old repairs and restoration business 'Sterling Automotive' and it's as though I've refound my old purpose in life.

This then, is the perfect time to start my blog to offer a litle about what Sterling Automotive has been up to since July 1st 2008 and to record business life as it unfolds.